The 8 Gradys Performance Center


The 12 Days of Lift-mas!

Join us for 12 days of workouts leading up to the holidays to get you on track before the holidays kick off!
You're going to be surrounded by friends, family and FOOD!
We'll make sure you can set yourself up for success by kick starting your health journey before the new year!

The best part of this challenge? It's self paced, supportive and fits your needs.

Choose either the Naughty workout if you want to push yourself to the limit, or the Nice workout if you need a day to recover and enjoy the process. 

You will get access to our private Facebook group that will come with nutrition challenges AND everyday you complete a workout, come by the front desk here at the gym we'll give you a sweet door prize!

Sign up today, because we're only taking 10 participants!
Click the link to register and get going!

(Get it? Lift-mas... as in a play on Christmas. You get it.)

START DATE = December 12th


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